If you love Land Rovers as much as I do then you will probably appreciate this desktop calendar on your computer. Images for the monthly calendars are from the shoots I have done while on my travels around the world to shoot images for the book.

Download and save a new calendar on your desktop each month.

December 2017

To download the MLRHAS Desktop Calendar:

  1. Find out what your screen resolution is by clicking on this link. (If you are using a Retina display then multiply the value x2 i.e 1440×900 retinal screen should download 2880×1800 calendar)
  2. Select a size below that is closest to your screen resolution.
  3. Right click the image and save it to your computer.

Sizes available:
1600×9001600×12001680×10501920×10801920×12001920×1280, 2880×1800